The Festival

David Mach set alight his devils head by throwing a lit cigarette onto it, marking the start of the Edinburgh art festival. The head – made from matchsticks – burnt out in seconds.

Alma Mater used an ipad to let you see life through the eyes of a little girl.

….the city where it all happened.

The spiegeltent awaits its audience.

Jason Byrne, Ed Byrne, Bagpuss and Dave Gorman. A gaggle of comedians? I think a gaggle.

Trying to scrum through the crowd.

These guys had different ticket sales techniques.

Richard Shelton, the nefarious Dr Adam Forsythe in Emmerdale, poses for the camera.

A view across the meadows at 3am.

Sighthill library makes a reading chain world record attempt – where each participant reads one sentence each, in order, from the same book. They didn’t quite make the 290 people they hoped for.

Art Malik starred in Rose at the Pleasance with his daughter Keira, far left. His other daughter Jessica (middle) produced the play, written by Hywel Jones.


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